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Some customers have no desire to compromise when it comes to aesthetics, high function, ease of use, and a high performance systems. This home is truly ‘on point’ and is nearly without a single settlement.

As a necessity for a reliable build, this home was started with a fine network system to insure the integrity of all systems built upon it.  It has 5 ceiling mounted wired – wireless access points distributed uniformly to provide peak WiFi performance inside and out. is used to host and provide full integration with the security system, fire system, true commercial type door access control system, and lighting systems.  The security system is commercial rated and will provide reliability for decades to come.  The residential fire code has been surpassed with integrated and 24/7 remote monitored smoke/carbon monoxide detectors throughout home. The customer is further protected with heat detectors scattered at various places such as breaker boxes, at attic HVAC units, within the media closets, and in attics throughout this fine home. The best thing is, all these fire devices are monitored, fully supervised, and best thing yet – have a single and large common battery backup. This single fire system battery backup replaces dozens of 9V batteries scattered throughout the home, and maintains a high degree of peace.

The cameras are intelligent and differentiate between human beings, vehicles, animals, and objects; they notify accurately as designated within the easy to use customer portal. These wired IP cameras include redundant storage both on and off-site.  In addition, there are 10 wall mounted televisions distributed throughout this beautiful estate which each have the option to view all camera feeds at the press of a  single button.

The primary zones host Samsungs’s Frame TV which are wrapped in a beige (almost looks goldish) designer bezel.  The art service has been activated and the customer is able to routinely choose from thousands of available classical to modern digital 4K canvases – in a flash.

A powerful URC flagship master system network controller manages and makes it easy to use the thirteen-zone audio/video system. The home includes 3 wand style touch screen WiFi remotes with logical menus to easily operate the system; this is perfect for him, her, and another’s use – simultaneously. There are also 2 large 9 inch flat on wall touchscreen whole home remote controllers – 1 on either side of the home.  During the building phase, recessed keypad kits have been finished within the sheetrock to allow the front face of the touchscreen to be exactly flush with the wall surface – this is a beautiful detail for interior designers whom are thinking up and dreaming of every last detail. It is an elegant touch – no doubt.  In addition to the 5 controllers listed above, a program has been created so that authorized smartphones can pull up an attractive and easy to use menu which controls audio/visual entertainment throughout the entire home.

The entire home has an unique array of speakers especially for the designer whom is focused on aesthetics.  The majority of the zones have in-ceiling speakers which are only 3-1/2 inches in diameter. Don’t be fooled by their size – each speaker has a custom calibrated and ported back-box which nestles out of sight into the ceiling and can handle well – 100watts of continuous power.  To top it off, the main zones have optional designer square speaker grills.

If you think the speakers above are unique, well then you are in for a treat. The two most formal areas of this home have speakers which are completely invisible. Yes, I said completely invisible speakers. Not to be confused, these speakers are rather large and perform loud and clearly – but cannot be seen. How is this? Well, the speakers have been inputed into each walls cavity and have been flushed with the wall’s finished surface by a special 1/16 inch layer of wall compound – which is finally painted of finished as the rest of the wall is.  These speakers perform well because they are large and have in-wall calibrated back-boxes; these boxes enhance their sound and prevent back-bleed or resonation to the rooms on the backside of their walls.  Honestly – these speakers are magical.

The back patio is a place of pleasure. It includes 2 TVS with remote menu controls for simultaneous mirrored operation or a separate game/program may be selected for each screen. Audio is loud and clear with 2 pair of speakers which are ceiling mounted within the tongue-and-grove ceiling.  This patio extends over to an outdoor mantel which shall have a 75 inch true-outdoor SunBrite TV with an IP rating to resist even a jet of water.  The mantel has also been prewired for a powerful bar of speakers which shall match the structure of the outdoor TV.  This large outdoor TV and powerful sound-bar shall give occupants of the pool and hot tub some additional entertainment. In addition, this 3rd outdoor zone shall allow a total of 3 separate games or programs to play within the attached outdoor area.

The homes centrally located equipment rack is clean, beautiful, and high performing.  Time has especially been taken on this rack making it a work of art. There are many custom cables including power cables which are made to perfect length for the cleanest cable routing.  All interior rack wires have printed logical labels for lightning fast service with confidence.

The rack includes multiple measures to provide the customer with the swift remote service they deserve. The full network can be diagnosed and reconfigured remotely by us. There is a MACIC computer built within the rack for remote customer support. There is a special master power strip within the rack which allows remote and independent device power resets. The rack has a substantial battery backup in it to prevent 5-10 minute reset outages following momentary electrical power outages.  The whole home generator will take up the power in the event the power outage shall be set in.

Please inquire through the contact form if you would like to see for yourself this stunning home.