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To start, this home has a fine network system to insure the integrity of all systems built upon it.  It has 5 ceiling mounted wired – wireless access points distributed uniformly to provide peak WiFi performance inside and out. hosts the security and full smart home including lights, locks, thermostats, and more.

The cameras are intelligent and differentiate between human beings, vehicles, animals, and objects; they notify accurately as designated within the easy to use customer portal. These wired IP cameras include redundant storage both on and off-site.

All the TVs match and are wall hung in the home; this is a detail that makes a huge difference – yet is often missed.

An integrated master system network controller manages and makes it easy to use the multi-zone audio/video system. The home includes 2 wand style touch screen WiFi remotes with logical menus to easily operate the system; this is perfect for him and her simultaneously.

The back patio is absolutely a place of pleasure. It includes 2 true-outdoor SunBrite TVS with an IP rating to resist even a jet of water.  Upon initial consult the customer was asked by me “I assume you would like softer or background music out here most of the time with the ability to be loud and clear when needed. Is this the case?” The client responded “NO, Sometimes I am going to want to Rock-N-Roll!” The patio has the ability to move ones insides now because it includes 4 larger commercial rated outdoor speakers, 2 matching subwoofers, and 1200 watts of power. Radical – that is what it is. Radical and fun, no doubt.

The homes centrally located equipment rack is clean, beautiful, and high performing. It includes a component to regulate not only the racks operating temperature, but also the closet in which it is installed in. And it regulates – it regulates the temperature spot on – all the time.

All of this was accomplished after the home was fully built without a builder prewire. What a pity it was. Not to worry though – Our experience allows us to truly differentiate ourselves. We have the history, the knowledge, the desire, the skill, the tools, and the patience to get wires into places without any traces whatsoever; and without sheetrock repair 99% of the time. I’m telling you – this is our trademark.