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St. Bede Catholic Church & School

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Campus Wide Network Foundation

MACIC was originally consulted particularly for a campus wide surveillance option. 

Before a system could be considered it was first necessary to note the need to rebuild the campus wide network system; this would be the foundation for all future systems. The network system was rebuilt from the ground up.  Firstly, the ISP modem was moved from a passively ventilated mechanical room to an actively air conditioned room within a new primary wall mount equipment rack.  This network would become quite large extending to a highway outpost plus exterior corridors (for IP cameras), and 8 other separate buildings.  The network successfully expands to the separate buildings by underground multimode fiber optics (10Gbps)  and by wireless bridges (450Mbps).  The arrangement is comprised of 15 wired – wireless access points and 15 network switches ranging between 48port (at main hubs) to 4 port at its endpoints.  It is hosted within 8 separate professional rack mount systems and a few sub rack assemblies.  The network system maintains great security and performance with 12 virtual private networks within itself.

Office Rewire

The entire office had to be rewired which presented a challenge that was successfully overcome. It was originally constructed well prior to the normal installation of high network data capable UTP cables. In addition to this, the office’s construction type and materials didn’t allow for a clean and quick cable revisions (such as those buildings with drop ceilings). Furthermore, the first generation of network cables were not installed properly or in a neat organized fashion; the wires penetrated visibly thru interior and exterior walls, thru ceilings and floors, and were not weatherized correctly on the exterior. The office personnel experienced a poor level of service and thus a re-wire was a necessity. The second of two proper wiring methods was accepted and put into place; a tidy robust network of UV resistant schedule 40 water tight electrical conduit was installed on the buildings facade. After it is painted the approximate color of the existing brick, the network casings shall go relatively unnoticed.

Campus Wide IP Camera System

Following the robust campus wide network foundation, the camera system became a breeze to input. This campus is absolutely covered comprehensively from head to toe and includes 3 recorders and 114 total IP channels. It has multiple control points with large live screen monitors. The system structure also boast RAID on every server, 4K video resolutions, designated tag capture cameras, and intelligent video devices.

The only challenge easily overcome by MACIC, was making the system appear that it was prewired when each building was constructed. Our experience allows us to truly differentiate ourselves in this area. We have the history, the knowledge, the desire, the skill, the tools, and the patience to get wires into places without any traces whatsoever; and without sheetrock/other repair 99% of the time.

Campus Wide VOIP phone system

Following once more – the robust campus wide network foundation, the VOIP phone system became a breeze to input. With an outdated and worn POTS hardline infrastructure and aging PBX system the church/school was paying a pretty penny for aged and unreliable communications. We setup an elastic SIP trunk, installed an on-site unified communications manager (UCM), and installed dozens of clean VOIP POE handsets across the campus. The office and school are each benefiting with increased efficiency by the use of highly structured and useful voice menus. All employees are now easily able to transfer, page, and park calls due to modern phone menus and quick buttons. Liability has decreased while all calls are being recorded. All of this and many other useful features have been implemented, all with a monthly savings.

Security with integrated Enterprise Access Control System

An integrated MACIC system keeps our customers’ businesses and employees secure, while giving them the convenience of a single platform to manage security, video, access control and energy. Features like Auto-arming and User Codes ensure the system is armed when it should be, and that only authorized personnel have access.

  • Arm or disarm from anywhere, at anytime 
  • Auto-arm the system at scheduled times 
  • Know when business locations open and close 
  • Secure inventory and equipment 
  • Easily manage employee access and remove User Codes for terminated employees

Smarter Access Control from is a powerful, cloud-based access solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Fully integrated with the platform, Smarter Access Control creates a single, unified SMB security suite that includes video, intrusion, access, and energy. With powerful user management software, remote door control, and scan-to-add card serial detection, the new solution makes it easy to manage even the most complicated access control and intrusion setups.

Designed for business owners who are managing multiple security systems, Enterprise allows the user to view the status and recent activity for numerous systems on one page. The end user can also create user codes and apply them to multiple systems from the enterprise users page.

  • Manage and view status of multiple locations from one dashboard 
  • Simplify system administration with templates that span all properties 
  • See which systems are armed or disarmed, at a glance 
  • Know which locations were opened late, or closed early 
  • View and manage thermostat settings, and see high or low temperature alerts across multiple properties

Thee MACIC integrated systems provide critical information to help run our customer’s business more effectively. Business insights deliver actionable data to help them make smarter decisions around staffing, business hours, energy use and more. Easy to understand reports provide at-a-glance visibility into trends and unexpected activity at a business – whether there is one location or hundreds. Users can choose when to have reports delivered via email and view them on-demand.

  • Know the busiest hours at each location 
  • Maximize staffing efficiency 
  • See whether the business is regularly opening on time 
  • Provide insight into whether doors are being propped open causing wasted energy or safety concerns 
  • Give customers a holistic visualization of activity including trends in customer traffic and activity in unauthorized areas

Youth Center Media Presentation System

Studios / Salons

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Studios do normally host drama and absolutely include many interesting-to-meet-and-talk-to-people darkening it’s doors. Often, it’s employees are many and incur natural attrition. Managers appreciate an easy way to keep track of employees who open/close shop. Protecting the very expensive product is critical for success and profitability.  Great systems for these locations include security, cameras – of course, fire, access control, WiFi, a presentation screen, speakers, door chimes and more.


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To start, this home has a fine network system to insure the integrity of all systems built upon it.  It has 5 ceiling mounted wired – wireless access points distributed uniformly to provide peak WiFi performance inside and out. hosts the security and full smart home including lights, locks, thermostats, and more.

The cameras are intelligent and differentiate between human beings, vehicles, animals, and objects; they notify accurately as designated within the easy to use customer portal. These wired IP cameras include redundant storage both on and off-site.

All the TVs match and are wall hung in the home; this is a detail that makes a huge difference – yet is often missed.

An integrated master system network controller manages and makes it easy to use the multi-zone audio/video system. The home includes 2 wand style touch screen WiFi remotes with logical menus to easily operate the system; this is perfect for him and her simultaneously.

The back patio is absolutely a place of pleasure. It includes 2 true-outdoor SunBrite TVS with an IP rating to resist even a jet of water.  Upon initial consult the customer was asked by me “I assume you would like softer or background music out here most of the time with the ability to be loud and clear when needed. Is this the case?” The client responded “NO, Sometimes I am going to want to Rock-N-Roll!” The patio has the ability to move ones insides now because it includes 4 larger commercial rated outdoor speakers, 2 matching subwoofers, and 1200 watts of power. Radical – that is what it is. Radical and fun, no doubt.

The homes centrally located equipment rack is clean, beautiful, and high performing. It includes a component to regulate not only the racks operating temperature, but also the closet in which it is installed in. And it regulates – it regulates the temperature spot on – all the time.

All of this was accomplished after the home was fully built without a builder prewire. What a pity it was. Not to worry though – Our experience allows us to truly differentiate ourselves. We have the history, the knowledge, the desire, the skill, the tools, and the patience to get wires into places without any traces whatsoever; and without sheetrock repair 99% of the time. I’m telling you – this is our trademark.

Catholic Student Center

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A fully integrated access control system allows quick management of students entering facilities.

Integrated cameras associate screenshots of all entering building

A slew of ultra high definition IP cameras keep a long record of all activities on, within, and around the property. Multiple large monitors help employees manage potential threats and gain peace of mind.

A multiple partitioned commercial security system protects the building without compromise. The interior offices include an additional layer of security from unauthorized student access.

The commercial fire system efficiently and economically utilizes the security system’s dual path communicator to send emergency signals offsite to UL listed monitoring station

An integrated door buzzing system alerts employees if emergency exit doors are breached.

The chapel includes a video production system to live stream Mass and Sacraments. It includes many presets or camera angles and doesn’t even require someone to be at a computer during the broadcast.

Clearly on Point

By Residential, Showcase

Some customers have no desire to compromise when it comes to aesthetics, high function, ease of use, and a high performance systems. This home is truly ‘on point’ and is nearly without a single settlement.

As a necessity for a reliable build, this home was started with a fine network system to insure the integrity of all systems built upon it.  It has 5 ceiling mounted wired – wireless access points distributed uniformly to provide peak WiFi performance inside and out. is used to host and provide full integration with the security system, fire system, true commercial type door access control system, and lighting systems.  The security system is commercial rated and will provide reliability for decades to come.  The residential fire code has been surpassed with integrated and 24/7 remote monitored smoke/carbon monoxide detectors throughout home. The customer is further protected with heat detectors scattered at various places such as breaker boxes, at attic HVAC units, within the media closets, and in attics throughout this fine home. The best thing is, all these fire devices are monitored, fully supervised, and best thing yet – have a single and large common battery backup. This single fire system battery backup replaces dozens of 9V batteries scattered throughout the home, and maintains a high degree of peace.

The cameras are intelligent and differentiate between human beings, vehicles, animals, and objects; they notify accurately as designated within the easy to use customer portal. These wired IP cameras include redundant storage both on and off-site.  In addition, there are 10 wall mounted televisions distributed throughout this beautiful estate which each have the option to view all camera feeds at the press of a  single button.

The primary zones host Samsungs’s Frame TV which are wrapped in a beige (almost looks goldish) designer bezel.  The art service has been activated and the customer is able to routinely choose from thousands of available classical to modern digital 4K canvases – in a flash.

A powerful URC flagship master system network controller manages and makes it easy to use the thirteen-zone audio/video system. The home includes 3 wand style touch screen WiFi remotes with logical menus to easily operate the system; this is perfect for him, her, and another’s use – simultaneously. There are also 2 large 9 inch flat on wall touchscreen whole home remote controllers – 1 on either side of the home.  During the building phase, recessed keypad kits have been finished within the sheetrock to allow the front face of the touchscreen to be exactly flush with the wall surface – this is a beautiful detail for interior designers whom are thinking up and dreaming of every last detail. It is an elegant touch – no doubt.  In addition to the 5 controllers listed above, a program has been created so that authorized smartphones can pull up an attractive and easy to use menu which controls audio/visual entertainment throughout the entire home.

The entire home has an unique array of speakers especially for the designer whom is focused on aesthetics.  The majority of the zones have in-ceiling speakers which are only 3-1/2 inches in diameter. Don’t be fooled by their size – each speaker has a custom calibrated and ported back-box which nestles out of sight into the ceiling and can handle well – 100watts of continuous power.  To top it off, the main zones have optional designer square speaker grills.

If you think the speakers above are unique, well then you are in for a treat. The two most formal areas of this home have speakers which are completely invisible. Yes, I said completely invisible speakers. Not to be confused, these speakers are rather large and perform loud and clearly – but cannot be seen. How is this? Well, the speakers have been inputed into each walls cavity and have been flushed with the wall’s finished surface by a special 1/16 inch layer of wall compound – which is finally painted of finished as the rest of the wall is.  These speakers perform well because they are large and have in-wall calibrated back-boxes; these boxes enhance their sound and prevent back-bleed or resonation to the rooms on the backside of their walls.  Honestly – these speakers are magical.

The back patio is a place of pleasure. It includes 2 TVS with remote menu controls for simultaneous mirrored operation or a separate game/program may be selected for each screen. Audio is loud and clear with 2 pair of speakers which are ceiling mounted within the tongue-and-grove ceiling.  This patio extends over to an outdoor mantel which shall have a 75 inch true-outdoor SunBrite TV with an IP rating to resist even a jet of water.  The mantel has also been prewired for a powerful bar of speakers which shall match the structure of the outdoor TV.  This large outdoor TV and powerful sound-bar shall give occupants of the pool and hot tub some additional entertainment. In addition, this 3rd outdoor zone shall allow a total of 3 separate games or programs to play within the attached outdoor area.

The homes centrally located equipment rack is clean, beautiful, and high performing.  Time has especially been taken on this rack making it a work of art. There are many custom cables including power cables which are made to perfect length for the cleanest cable routing.  All interior rack wires have printed logical labels for lightning fast service with confidence.

The rack includes multiple measures to provide the customer with the swift remote service they deserve. The full network can be diagnosed and reconfigured remotely by us. There is a MACIC computer built within the rack for remote customer support. There is a special master power strip within the rack which allows remote and independent device power resets. The rack has a substantial battery backup in it to prevent 5-10 minute reset outages following momentary electrical power outages.  The whole home generator will take up the power in the event the power outage shall be set in.

Please inquire through the contact form if you would like to see for yourself this stunning home.

Construction Firms / Equipment Yards

By Business

We has assisted these sites with a multiple partitioned security system to categorize employee rights and privileges to areas of the property. It is important to protect the office, warehouse, and exterior staging lot with specialized intrusion detection devices. A generous amount of IP cameras shall keep soon to be needed records on all that occurs around the property. It is most helpful for designated employees to have large camera monitors within their offices to give them knowledge of who is where and what is occurring real time around their site.  More often then not, an access control system is a neccesity to keep employees safe and productive during working hours without manually locking and unlocking the public faced door.


By Business

Owning a Dare Care can introduce liability that must be accounted for in order to remain credible and profitable.  

Access Control at the main entrances can keep unwanted persons from entering.  It can also maintain a clean record of what parents came and when. A decent system will easily allow levels of admission to certain areas for both employees/customers and will make managing these codes easy, clear, and efficient. 

Cameras are always useful within most businesses, but especially within a daycare for the protection of children, to maintain employee integrity, for general liability, for security of valuables when closed, and more.

A security system will give employees a path or method to panic or duress situations; it will surely give owners  valuable peace-of-mind regarding assets or building contents when closed.

A feature every daycare should take advantage of is paying a single security/fire monitoring bill by linking a required and already installed fire system – to the security system for off-site emergency signal reporting.

Multiple Franchise Locations

By Business

MACIC is able to help you easily and effectively manage your block of restaurants.  There is natural and frequent employee attrition in the industry. To be able to insure your properties are secure with only a few clicks remotely is paramount and satisfying for an owner/manager. Some of the things you can do is: get reports about the opening and closing times of your stores, maintain a long standing history of who came in and when, add/edit/ or remove employee pin codes in a flash and even on-the-go from systems, and quite honestly – so much more. Let us know how we can assist you to easily take control of your investment.

Insurance Agencies

By Business

An effective fully integrated system makes normal day to day operations for the owner simple and streamlined. Smart camera analytics maintain time stamped images of all who surround and enter the premises. The owner receives automated gentle notifications of key incidents which help the management of employees and unwanted ingression.

The Archdiocese of Mobile

By Worship

Due to the Covid outbreak in March 2020 the archdiocese of mobile needed a way to keep parishes integrated and involved with the Mass liturgies. They needed a video production system to live stream Masses.

To fulfill this request a system was designed and implemented firstly at St Bede Catholic Church (link at St Bede) in Montgomery, AL. It is designed not to be noticeable or to detract from the general integrity and beauty of Catholic Churches. It is drawn out to be reliable, simple by nature, and easy to deploy and control during live production. Furthermore, a Priest alone may deploy a live stream production and control camera presets while saying Mass.

The systems have been replicated with slight differentiation between multiple Catholic Churches.

St Bede

The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

St Ignatius

Sacred Heart of Jesus


By Residential, Vacation

This project is atop a plateau and truly off the beaten path. The internet has recently been upgraded to StarLink and all is well. The home and its acres are full of waterfalls, IP cameras, and wireless access points. The cameras are not only for security, but also to view dynamic nature and wildlife images. The wireless access points are helpful with WiFi calling since cellular signals are absent. This site hosts many other features not spoken of.


Boulder Streams

By Worship

Are you a rural church needing live security especially during your services?  Many churches are able to harness their sound booth members/volunteers to watch over perimeter/interior cameras for the protection of their beloved parishioners.

Also camera systems are getting much smarter. You could classify a troublemaker by his/her face, and have your system notify if they breech a prescribed line within a digital image.